Excellent quality
Exquisite technology

Spare no effort to pursue high efficiency, zero bubble

Company profile

ELT was founded in 2015, focusing on bubble eliminate process and lamination technology.
The customer base covers semiconductor, photoelectric, display, automobile, traditional industries and other fields.
Adhere to high-quality performance to optimize process efficiency.
We are confident to be your best partner and provide the best solution for de-void and lamination.

Our Team

We have formed a strong technology R & D team, the staff are from the leading enterprises in the industry, with senior industry experience, so far has successfully applied for a number of patent technology.

Business philosophy

ELT is mainly engaged in advanced IC packaging processes, especially in pressure, vacuum, heating, bubble free and laminating processes.

We offer high-quality solutions for de-void and lamination, and help customers offer lower cost alternatives in mass production. All the leading founders of perseverance technology have more than 20 years of experience. We hope to be a leading company in the world and provide perfect service to our customers.

Global Partners