Wafer Vacuum Laminator

Wafer Vacuum Laminator

The ELT Wafer Vacuum Laminator is different from the traditional roller type machine. It is innovative to attach dry film under vacuum and develop the heating air bag laminating. Vacuum / pressure / temperature & time can be independently set up in accordance with material application, and the secondary surface leveling and laminating can be expanded. Before the film is applied, the dry film to be attached shall not contact with the wafer in the cavity until the cavity is vacuumized, and the soft air bag shall be pressurized to attach the film, so as to avoid the problem of bubble or poor filling of dry film due to the way of pre film and vacuum pressing. This laminator is especially suitable for the process of wafer surface with bump and undulation structure patterns, such as NCF film for flip chip process, mold film for fan out process and TSV filling required for 3D IC process, it can achieve perfect non bubble and high-aspect via filling (special patent design, high-aspect ratio 1:20, the highest level in the industry). It has been fully automatic produced and can be used for 8 "& 12" inch wafer process.


●8“/ 12”使用
●均勻度> 98%


●Flip Chip、FOWLP、3DIC…
●PR / PI薄膜