Vacuum Pressure System

The ELT vacuum pressure system breaks the bottleneck of traditional technology, adopts innovative invention patent technology, which uses the mode of vacuum + pressure interactive switching to eliminate the void problem. It can effectively remove the bubbles produced in die attached, potting, underfill, printing and OCA coating processes, as well as improve the quality and reliability of products. It is widely used in semiconductor, electronic assembly, 5G communication, new energy applications, automotive parts, aerospace modules, biotechnology testing and other major scientific and technological fields. It is safe to use for the furnace body is equipped with pressure vessel certification, overpressure and overtemperature protection device. To improve production efficiency, there are also extra matching items equipped, such as oxygen level control, volatile removal, and automatic door opening and closing design etc.


Wafer Vacuum Laminator

The ELT Wafer Vacuum Laminator is different from the traditional roller type machine. It is innovative to attach dry film under vacuum and develop the heating air bag laminating. Vacuum / pressure / temperature & time can be independently set up in accordance with material application, and the secondary surface leveling and laminating can be expanded…